The vasa case

During the 17th century, Sweden went from being a sparsely populated, poor, and peripheral northern European kingdom of little influence to one of the major powers The vasa case continental politics.

Among these wrecks, Vasa is the single best known example, and has also become recognised internationally, not The vasa case through a deliberate use of the ship as a symbol for marketing Sweden abroad.

The second version is currently shown in the museum and has been released on VHS and DVD with narration in 16 languages.

Archaeologists have found four rulers used by the workmen who built the ship. Overall, almost all heroic and positive imagery is directly or indirectly identified with the king and was originally intended to glorify him as a wise and powerful ruler.

In addition, the deck beams and their supporting timbers are over-dimensioned and too closely spaced for the loads they carry, so they contribute too much weight to the already tall and heavy upper works. Fahnehjelm was an inventor who The vasa case an early form of light diving suit and had previously been involved in other salvage operations.

Even if the underwater weight of Vasa was not great, the mud in which it had settled made it sit more secure on the bottom and required considerable lifting power to overcome. Besides, the ship could have been heeled over to about 10 degrees.

Was it the ship's captain who sailed out on the Vasa on her first voyage. To demonstrate this, the captain had 30 men run back and forth across the deck, which caused the ship to roll alarmingly. Four more heavy guns were intended for the stern, but the cannon foundry could not cast guns as fast as the navy yard could build ships, and Vasa waited nearly a year after construction was finished for its armament.

Guns with a lifetime of over a century were not unheard of, while most warships would be used for only 15 to 20 years. Besides, it permitted standardization on every ammunition, powder charge, gun carriage as well as other fittings.

The testing entailed 30 men running from both sides of the ship that is lurch test. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution Related Case Solutions: The salts on the surface of Vasa and objects found in and around it are not a threat themselves even if the discolouring may be distractingbut if they are from inside the wood, they may expand and crack the timber from inside.

The decoration inside the ship is much sparser and is largely confined to the steerage and the great cabin, at the after end of the upper gundeck. The quarter gallerieswhich were merely nailed to the sides of the sterncastle, collapsed fairly quickly and were found lying almost directly below their original locations.

However, these organizations have to make proper stages of decisions to be taken and these decisions should be discussed and approved from the responsible persons and the board members so that in case of loss, the guilty person is not just the one but the whole hierarchy of the organization………………………….

Fate of the Vasa Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

However, no-one was prepared to take the blame. The Swedish king had little sympathy for the Danish king, Christian IVand Denmark and Sweden had been bitter enemies for well over a century. The analysis of the events shows that the root causes of the Vasa disaster are much the The vasa case ones that have caused information systems to fail from the early s up to today.

Ships contemporary to Vasa that were elongated were cut in half and new timbers spliced between the existing sections, making the addition readily identifiable, but no such addition can be identified in the hull, nor is there any evidence for any late additions of a second gundeck.

Thus, the case was closed. Originally, the Vasa was intended to have been one of the smaller ships. When the ship sailed in Augusteight of the planned armament of 72 guns had still not been delivered.

This is clear evidence that the workers could have been doing shoddy works since there was no proper coordination amongst the workers. In the late s, spots of white and yellow residue were noticed on Vasa and some of the associated artefacts. After some debate on how to best preserve the ship, conservation was carried out by impregnation with polyethylene glycol PEGa method that has since become the standard treatment for large, waterlogged wooden objects, such as the 16th-century English ship Mary Rose.

Henrik declined, since he had already cut the timber for a large and a small ship. Vasa was built during a time of transition in naval tactics, from an era when boarding was still one of the primary ways of fighting enemy ships to an era of the strictly organised ship-of-the-line and a focus on victory through superior gunnery.

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Beyond the projection of unmatched force and national pride, however, the Vasa had more practical value. Vasa was the most expensive project ever undertaken by Sweden and it was a total loss.

Fate of the Vasa Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The ship’s captain survived the sinking and was immediately thrown into jail. On August. The Vasa disaster being written as a futuristic case is intended to demonstrate to business students and managers that, although the technology may change, the causes of its failure have been in place for hundreds (likely thousands) of years.

Fate of the Vasa Case Solution,Fate of the Vasa Case Analysis, Fate of the Vasa Case Study Solution, Inthe royal ship Vasa was launched. It was the most expensive Swedish warship ever built, costing more than 5% of the GNP.

The vasa case
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The History of the Incredible Vasa Warship and its Humiliating Shipwreck | Ancient Origins