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Direct Tickets per Calls - Actual Vs. The project also involved developing a method for mering the true benefits of ResNet before making major financial investments in new reservations systems.

Controlling Processes and Outputs Schedule Control: Discuss key decisions the project manager and team made in the planning process 6. Notice the unfriendly, character-based interface. Fay convinced senior managers at numerous meetings that her vision of focusing on sales would turn around the poor financial performance of the reservation centers.

Copyright Course Technology 72 Scope Change Control Everyone worked together to determine the scope of the project The ResNet kickoff meeting clarified scope and emphasized the shared responsibility in making the project a success Agents requested over 11, enhancements to the software.

The ResNet team was under a lot of pressure to do a good job or the ResNet project would not be funded. Copyright Course Technology 7 Background on ResNet The reservation system before ResNet was PARS Reservation agents had to use cryptic commands to use the old system All information was on one character-based screen Deregulation and new marketing initiatives complicated the reservation process Call times were increasing Figure As the extensions of the applications are built for other parts of Reservations, they will be built to the same standards as the current applications.

What points were made to convince the finance committee to support the project. The ResNet team was a little overconfident in their planning, and several problems developed. Copyright Course Technology 41 Table Copyright Course Technology 85 Administrative Closure Administrative closure involves verifying and documenting project results to formalize acceptance of the products produced collecting project records ensuring products meet specifications analyzing whether the project was successful and effective archiving project information for future use NWA had several reviews of the benefits of ResNet Table Planning Processes and Outputs Table Copyright Course Technology 51 Providing Project Leadership Peeter was an experienced project manager and effective leader He thought the three main success factors on ResNet were having clear goals making the work fun, and sticking to schedules What Went Right?: Copyright Course Technology 44 Quality, Risk, and Procurement Planning The PR2 included some information related to quality, risk, and procurement planning The measurement techniques for tracking call handling time and number of direct sales closes were critical elements in assessing quality NWA used past experience in dealing with vendors NWA managed risk by following expert advice and having strong user involvement Discussion Questions: Peeter's justification strategy for the and ResNet projects included very strong financial analysis, which greatly impressed the finance committee.

Today, Northwest Airlines, with its global travel partners, serves more than destinations in countries on six continents.

What points were made to convince the finance committee to support the project.

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NWA still struggles with transferring people, roles, and responsibilities between projects and on-going operations. NWA did an excellent job of project initiation with ResNet. Copyright Course Technology 84 Table The scope was limited by what they could do, so users focused on the most important enhancements Assuring Quality: This is especially true for more experienced technicians, who have established one excellent skill set, but who must now be convinced to acquire a completely different skill set.

Copyright Course Technology 36 Figure Copyright Course Technology 22 Table Planning Processes and Outputs: Other NWA staff in the call centers and other departments supported the project part-time while maintaining their normal duties.

These airlines and agencies have realized significant operating improvement through cost savings and revenue enhancements. Peeter also brought in several people from the reservation call centers. Copyright Course Technology 98 Figure Maximum Departmental Headcounts by Year Table Peeter had a strong finance background and understood the airline business well.

Copyright Course Technology 65 Chapter One piece of advice he remembered was to focus on meeting the project schedule goals. Fay understood the business needs of NWA and provided strong user sponsorship. Peeter knew that the decision-makers wanted to see the bottom line numbers, and Peeter provided them as well as detailed rationale for how he got them.

Management Peeter and Fay wanted to change the sequencing of office installations after the problems in Hibbing Arvid and other team members banded together to convince Peeter and Fay not to change the sequencing because it would cause even more problems With some overtime and additional funds, the Hibbing and Detroit offices were both completed on time Scope Change Control: Detroit Reservations Center Progress Report: Another major category of projected benefits was a reduction in headcount sales agents due to reduced call-handling times.

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What benefits, in terms of selling and call handle time, have been realized by the Reservations Department as a result of ResNet How do those real results compare with projected results in the PR2 plan.

While Larry has embraced a systems approach, he acknowledges that many HVAC contractors find it difficult to follow this path. Copyright Course Technology 80 ResNet Videotape Introduction "Recently we began testing a new reservation system call ResNet with agents from several of our offices.

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Copyright Course Technology 1 Chapter. View Homework Help - case-study from MBA at Lewis University. 02/25/ ResNet Main Summary ResNet started because Northwest airlines were losing lots of money in the reservation call center.

Energy Case Study Business Case Study Adopting a Whole House Approach AirRite Air Conditioning Co., Inc., Ft. Worth, TX Larry Taylor, President Larry Taylor, President of AirRite Air Conditioning, has established himself as an expert in the.

PROJECT FIRECRACKER CASE STUDY Eva Neugebauer – Federica Picozzi – Francisca Lopes Pinto – Konstantin Gusev – WHY DID THE PROJECT FAIL?

The project failed due to three main reasons that reinforced the negative impact of one another: Poor communication There was a poor coordination between individuals. One example was the situation where Waldo and Wolinski took. Northwest Airlines And Detroit Snowstorm 2 Under the guidance of: Dr.

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Baldev Raj MET’s Institute of Management, Bandra Batch of CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Case titled “Northwest Airlines And Detroit Snowstorm” is based on the study conducted by: Mayur Bangar 08 Pooja Ghode 31 Kishor Gimekar 33 Sumedh Ingole Case Studies There’s no better way to see the value of investing in energy saving solutions than by reading about the first-hand experiences of people who have actually carried them out!

Energy Efficient Home May Reduce Energy Bills by 25%.  Case study 1 “Robert L. Crandall: American Airlines” Executive Summary This paper is based on a case study about Robert L. Crandall, who was an American Airlines chairman during to He had made numerous innovative systems into American Airlines while he was the CEO of it.

Resnet case study northwest airlines
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