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But much more than this, it indicates how deeply the people treasure peace and desire it. The first organised missionary effort in Oceania was commanded by the Spanish Queen Mariana in A great difference is seen between the secularised way of life in the big cities and the traditional village or rural life-style.

Ecumenism is high on the scale of priorities for the Church in Oceania. In other words, when the life of a believer accords with the Gospel, when it rings true and is genuine, those who have never met Christ are made to question themselves about the ultimate meaning of life, Oce case their final destiny and why Christ makes such a difference in the lives Oce case His followers.

It is essentially telling the truth of Jesus Christ as the way of salvation for humanity. The great workers in the missions of Oceania were largely members of religious orders and congregations. Where offering material assistance to the poor is one of the traditional tasks of the Christian community, the Church also speaks out on the injustice of certain socio-economic developments.

This missionary communion was the path which lead to the wider and deeper communion, uniting the whole People of God. We have far fewer devices, which are more flexible and resilient, and we have the right Oce case in the right places.

Pope John Paul II, in order to strengthen Church communion--not simply among the bishops but with the whole People of God in the region--has made a number of pastoral visits to Oceania, thus following the example of his predecessor Paul VI, who in visited Australia and Western Samoa.

The present moment is a crucial one, because the newer nations in the region are now seeking to strengthen their identity in the political, cultural and religious fields.

When left outside the traditional pastoral system of parishes and chaplaincies, these movements of people can easily create social areas where the Gospel has little access. For their part, they followed the missionary call and ventured forth to enlist others who would also walk the Way with them, because God's message must go out to the whole earth.

The secularisation affecting the developed countries is also influencing island and indigenous communities. Once assimilated into a sect, persons will try to bring family and friends with them, usually leading to a very deep split in a family and community.

It is hoped that this Lineamenta will result in a rich response in every part of the Church in Oceania so that the bishops of the Latin and Oriental Churches can have the necessary information to draft their official responses.

Many sects use apocalyptic imagery and messages. At present, international orders and congregations, oftentimes having indigenous members, continue to work side by side with indigenous congregations in various parts of Oceania, so as to contribute to the growth and the vitality of the Church and Her mission to human society.

Where these persons sometimes return to Church practice because of preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage or instructions related to the reception of sacraments for their children, a great many, because of cultural factors, are left with little opportunity for contact with the Church.

Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles. Their evangelisation opened for many people the royal way to God and His Kingdom. The cause of this phenomenon in which sibling warmth is only correlated with risk taking behaviours in brother pairs still is unclear.

Through the mystery of His death and resurrection, Jesus was to become the Way, the Truth and the Life, not just for one people but for all peoples of the world and for each person.

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Therefore, the whole Church in Oceania is invited to participate: Though the European model of formation often proved too difficult for seminarians, resulting in some initial failures, more and more local candidates--diocesan and religious--were trained and ordained to the priesthood.

They saw the importance not only to convert the peoples of Oceania from a belief in their gods and spirits to faith in Jesus Christ, but to teach them Catholic doctrine and to receive them into the communion of the Catholic Church with Her sacraments, liturgy and devotions.

He and his companions travelled far and wide in the then-known world to proclaim Jesus as the promised Messiah and to announce fellowship in Him. The relationship of brothers is laid out with the following quote: Their missionary journey led them to others who did not yet believe. The synod movement is a process of dynamic communion at many levels.

By being authentic and trustworthy witnesses of Jesus Christ, Christians are invitations to others to share in their faith and joy in the Lord. Paul insists on oneness with Christ.

On the contrary, the Church, whose Lord promises salvation to each person, "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" Jn.

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