Nursing malpractice case studies by date


The doctors told her she could possibly get an extra three months if they removed the left side of her chin, right up to her ear, and replaced it with her fibula.

The third patient was not as fortunate, and died three weeks after the botched surgery, The surgeon received a two month suspension of his license before returning to work.

This means when a healthcare worker suspects in the course of their duties that a child has been abused, it must be reported. Medical malpractice is not always as dramatic as it was in these instances, but the mistakes of medical professionals can result in a range of problems from inconvenience, to a more difficult recovery, to death.

Every week, on her days off, she brought him home with her. The forty seven year old patient was a veteran of the Air Force, who had been complaining of pain and shrinkage in his left testicle.

Being a bodybuilder, he is, unsurprisingly, concerned with his physique, and in he decided he wanted to get pec implants. It was also reported that they did in fact have sexual relations. Three months later, she was called to the doctors office, who gave her the good news that she was cancer free.

During the surgery, Mr. With medical malpractice, however, the situation is far worse, because there is much more at stake.

Mother Wins $16M In Malpractice Case Against Nurse Who “Pushed Her Baby Back Inside”

After undergoing further examinations, she was told she had months to live. Three times in one year. The couple, who feared the child may be born with down-syndrome, opted not to undergo amniocentesis after they were told there was a Silvestre had forged documents and had also operated on at least two women in Florida, using kitchen utensils.

Alabama Eye Bank, S. Too often the mistake that is made is hidden in hopes that they can fix what they did wrong without the patient or their family being any wiser. In addition to making the error, and attempting to cover it up, the hospital also mismanaged media relations.

A prime example of this danger is the case of a 36 year old man, from Arizona, who received a traumatic brain injury. The first was administered correctly, but the second was not. The first incident was the result of a third-year resident failing to mark which side of the brain was to be operated on.

After a month of agonizing pain, multiple complaints, and repeatedly being told the problem was in his head, Marazei was finally given a CT scan, and the item was removed.

What sets Daryoush Mazarei out from other examples is not the fact that the item left behind inside his chest, a retractor, was 10 inches long, nor that it could physically be seen poking out.

This test would have detected the missing limbs, but there was a 1 in chance that it could result in a miscarriage, and Morel argued that it was their decision, and he cannot be blamed. This particular incident occurred in November of The hospital hid the mistake for 11 days, and then went public looking for another donor.

Organ donors are in high demand. In its stead was left another souvenir, a 13 inch long metal retractor. This article analyzes cases decided between and and identifies the actions and issues that prompted charges of negligence that led to malpractice lawsuits against nurses, as well as the areas of nursing practice named most frequently in the complaints.

May 01,  · Building a Foundation for Nurse-Physician Collaboration by Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, MS, FAAN, and Joyce C. Clifford, RN, PhD, FAAN Lessons from Settled Malpractice Cases Involving Failed Physician-Nurse Communication. 13 Disturbing Cases of Medical Malpractice On behalf of Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C.

posted in Medical Malpractice Articles on Tuesday, February 15, When a person visits the doctor's office or the emergency room of a hospital, they are entitled to receive a certain standard of medical care. nursing malpractice verdicts & settlements $8, infant's brain damage blamed on delivery room nurses' failure to act after detecting severe drop in heart rate of fetus.

defense contended placental infection caused brain damage. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners Fact Sheet indicates there are more thanNP licensed in the US. 1 However, their malpractice rate remains low: only % of theNPs have been named as a “primary defendant” in a malpractice case.

10 Horrible Cases Of Medical Malpractice

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Nursing malpractice case studies by date
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