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As a International studies seminar, students should take the class toward the end of their time at NC State. Approval of these credits for the major is contingent on consultation with your IS faculty advisor. International conflict leaves untold human suffering in its wake, including refugees unable to return home, damaged social and political institutions, and environmental devastation.

However, some areas of study which are regularly offered include: No class can fulfill more than one requirement in the major. If you are considering studying abroad which is highly recommendedplease consult with an adviser in Thomsonwho can give an initial indication of which courses are most likely to receive IS credit.

This status is given to an applicant who looks promising but may need to demonstrate additional proficiencies to be competitive. We encourage undergraduates to seek out scholarship and research opportunities and speak with your advisors about possibilities.

Thematic foci and samples are described below. Theories of Globalization This course bridges introductory materials and capstone coursework for International Studies majors. In cases where there is no coursework to transfer to the UW, actual course credit is not awarded; the International studies requirement is merely considered satisfied.

Some of the arenas where we see this reality contested include challenges with continued expansion of the EU to include additional countries, transnational migration, monetary integration, and competing political ideologies. As with other parts of the world, when we study Latin America, we also study ourselves.

Courses taken on study-abroad programs at recognized colleges or universities may take the place of some of the required coursework, but in all cases an adviser or program chair must approve such substitutions. Information on these organizations is available in Thomson There is the danger that you will have earned a great deal of IS program credit without being admitted, and this credit probably would not apply to another program of study.

Additional topics include the role of new technologies in internationals contexts and the global politics that affect economies and environments. As a liberal arts degree, the IS major does not provide training for a specific vocation, as do accounting, engineering, or computer science programs.

Some go into the field of education. Information on overseas study opportunities is available from the Office of International Programs and Exchanges, Schmitz Hall, It is often their personal interests and work experience gained through internships and part-time jobs that assist graduates in getting an initial job after graduation.

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Ideas move rapidly across boundaries. The course builds student understanding of the relationship between theory and application in International Studies in light of topics such as international migrations, interethnic relations, human dimensions of environmental change, and global economic connections.

Courses in this theme address the scientific facts, the ways societies adapt to those realities, and the political process through which change could occur.

The courses that count most readily are micro- and macro-economics ECON and and foreign language courses.

ISA: The International Studies Association

View Semester by Semester Plan Study Abroad The study abroad component of the International Studies major adds depth to your education through sustained engagement with people and communities outside the United States. In descending order of preference, IS faculty strongly recommend study abroad programs that offer one year, or one semester, or weeks of summer study.

Some and level courses are offered once every other year. The continent has undergone profound political and economic transformations in the last half-century that include the emergence of the European Union EUwhose institutions link 28 nations.

I study language and culture. You may consider completing the IS minor instead or the Canadian Studies major both of which include substantial IS major coursework.

Ideas move rapidly across boundaries. There is no limit to the number of times you may apply.

International Studies

As an undergraduate degree, the discipline is most often offered as part of an Arts Degree, International studies either a minor or major of straight Arts International studies [8] [9] or as specialist Arts Degrees. Study Abroad About the Programs The interdisciplinary programs in International Studies provide students at all levels with the opportunity to become more familiar with the social, political, cultural, and economic issues of importance in our increasingly globalized society.

Many of the most critical contemporary issues — from climate change, to pandemics, to sustainable development — transcend national boundaries, and solutions must also transcend boundaries. Times, July 6, Africa has a rich pre-colonial history, and became fully connected to the modern industrialized world during European colonialism, even though this left behind a controversial legacy of under-development.

Yes, but only upon completion of a placement test administered by the appropriate language department of the University of Washington or another accredited university.

Courses with this attribute examine the roots and forms of contemporary international conflict and the mechanisms that allow people to work toward a more peaceful and just world. International Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the world and its governments.

Subjects include such topics as Global Health & Environment, Global Integration & Development, Human Rights & Social Movements, International Communication, and Nations, States & Boundaries.

Experience the best study abroad programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America and South America. International Studies Abroad is here to help you gain that experience. The international studies major at Fordham is as globetrotting, dynamic, interdisciplinary, and intercultural as you aim to be.

Our cosmopolitan education is steeped in a higher mission. We prepare you for a life well-lived using your gifts in the service of the world. About this journal. International Studies publishes original research articles on a wide range of issues and problems, as well as on the theoretical debates of contemporary relevance in the broader field of International Relations and Area Studies.

This scholarly journal encourages exploration and critical evaluation of new ideas in the field. The International Studies major is designed specifically to meet these goals by offering an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree that provides a distinctive international learning experience for UNCW students.

Jobs/Employers Reported by International Studies Majors This is a list of jobs international studies majors reported having at graduation.

International Studies (General) – Major and Minor

It was generated from survey data published by colleges and universities across the United States.

International studies
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International Studies